Saturday, 22 February 2014

Trailer Reaction: Guardians of the Galaxy

So basically I thought I'd kick start this fandom blog with my own person reaction to the trailer of the very much anticipated next Marvel movie - The Guardians of the Galaxy.
I have been a fan of the Marvel movies ever since I watched Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Iron Man 3, Thor, The Avengers and Thor 2: The Dark World all in 2013 (yeah, went on a bit of a marathon there).

BEFORE I CONTINUE ANY FURTHER, take a look at the trailer (if you haven't already seen it lolololololol).

Now I'm not going to lie, when I first watched this trailer, I wasn't impressed. It initially looked...too comical? It lacked the serious tone that I had become accustomed to, especially after seeing Iron Man 3 and Thor 2: The Dark World in the cinemas last year.

And then I saw this tweet by the brilliant author Jay Kristoff:

So I did the smart thing and watched it again. And now I am so ridiculously pumped for this movie guys.  So let's give this a run down.
(also guys just letting you know, I have NOT read any of the comics, so I'm basically a complete noob when it comes to GotG. Please don't shoot me for this.)

So at the start of the trailer, we're watching Chris Pratt walk into this mysterious dark cavern and take this mysterious sphere. Then we've got some space guards taking aim at him (clearly he's crap at  thievery). We then find out that he is none other than....Star Lord.

Initial expectations was that this guy was going to be some new epic badass character. Guardians of the Galaxy right? Someone who I was initially thinking parallels with the fame and badassness of Thor and Loki.

And instead we get a
yeah that's awkward.

While we're still reeling from this...unknown and unheard of main character, here comes the introductions of the rest of the team.

And all of these guys are clearly criminal. Rampages, theft, escape from lock down, assassinations, oh and a house plant/muscle.
And then there's our lovely Peter Jason Quill. Public intoxication...fraud...yeah.


But just before you suddenly fear that this movie is unlike the other Marvel movies. That for some reason, this movie will be more comical and lack that action we all love to drool over and get turned on by in front of the screen...just before you have time to worry about all those things...BAM. Here come the action scenes.

OH. And not to mention, the lovely Karen freaking Gillan, who we've been waiting to see ever since she ripped off her wig in San Diego Comic Con 2013.


So after watching it twice (and then probably three dozen times afterwards), I can safely say that I am so unbelievably pumped for this next Marvel movie. I NEED to know these characters. Not to mention, this is only the first trailer for this movie. For those who haven't read the comics (like moi), we're only being introduced to the characters, and I'm more than confident the trailer that shows the darker, more serious side of the movie, will be shown next. 

I can assure you guys, I will be seeing this movie in the cinema this year (and possibly several times) in August (provided you don't delay the release date Australia! *shakes fist*). You could say...I'm hooked on a feeling for these guys. (yep, clear genius right here)

What are your thoughts guys? Are you as excited for this movie as I am? Even if it's just to see Karen Gillan as a blue alien pirate? 
(no judging from me, I can totally sympathise with that reason)


  1. You know, that's why I preferred DC over Marvel because the films were more grounded, grittier, darker and Marvel - The Avengers for example - was too comical. I will actually enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy because it IS comical and the characters are comical and it is humour that makes them believable unlike The Avengers (I talk comical as in 'unrealistic'-like).

    Although I have yet to read the comics, how the trailer portrays the GotG characters is apparently not sharing ALL the humour. Like 'I AM GROOT! I AM GROOT!' or 'I'M NOT A RACCOON!'

    I also love the intergalactic stuff.

    1. That is SO true. I haven't watched the latest Superman movie, but I know that the Batman series (at least the latest one) was so so so so much more dark compared to any of the Marvel movies. Once I accepted that Guardians of the Galaxy is going to be the right sort of comical, but still have all the much-needed action I like to see in these movies, I knew I was going to love the movie.

      Are you planning to read the comics before you watch the movie? Gosh I'm so tempted to start reading comics...not that I have enough on my plate hahaha.

      AND YES FOR INTERGALACTIC STUFF! It's going to be awesome. So pumped for it.

  2. I agree with you 100000%. I watched the trailer two nights ago and I am PUMPED. I loved Thor, Captain America, Hulk, and The Avengers, haven't read the comics, and CANNOT wait for this!

    Awesome post, Alice!

    1. Ahhh it's going to be so amazing isn't it? I'm just loving all these comic movies that have been released in the past few years, especially since I LOVE the movies, but haven't really gotten around to reading comics just yet.

      Thanks heaps Hafsah! <3

  3. When I first saw this trailer I thought it was a joke one because the mood seemed so different from what I expected from Marvel movies but I am excited for it now too. That tree guy is crazy looking!

    1. This. THIS. Exactly how I felt when I first watched the trailer. And 100% agreed, I am totally pumped for this one now, also because it's different!

      Groot looks insane hahahaha. Can't wait to see what his character is like. :D

  4. I'M SO EXCITED. I love the Marvel films and I love the GotG trailer, obsessed with the song too haha. I feel like I'm going to be a huge fan of Rocket Raccoon and Groot already :3 that head tilt of his was adorable haha. I'm interesting to see how Chris Pratt will portray Star Lord although I did realise we'll now have 3 Chris's in the Marvel franchise haha.

      *cough* Sorry.

      Ohhh I can't wait to see Rocket and Groot together! They are going to be such an epic pair I swear.

      Oh snap! Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans...and not Chris Pratt. TOTALLY did not see that! That is so random lol.

  5. Lol love your gifs! I also was like O_O when I first saw the trailer and saw it a couple of times since but I'm so curious about what the whole movie will me. I love Marvel movies so I'm hoping this one is another winner!

    1. Definitely curious about the movie now. I'm also looking forward to the next trailer, since this one was more of an introduction. The only link I see plot wise is that brief showing of The Collector...but clue.

      Here's hoping it will! All I know that I'm pumped for it! :D