Thursday, 20 February 2014

In Which Alice Gets Her Blog Up and Running

Okay. Okay okay okay okay. I am finally doing this. This is happening. I have been trying desperately to push myself to do this ever since I designed this blog for myself (which was about a month and a half ago, AWKS) but I am finally sitting my butt down and writing up this post. I've got this guys. I'm handling it.
Welcome to Alice Starts a Blog 2.0
Previously known as That Kid in Wonderland
Now I'm a Geek.
Go figure.
(I should probably start writing in paragraphs again)

Basically in around July last year I started up a book blog. I had been following the bookish community for about 2 years and I finally worked up the courage and time to set up a blog for myself. I was so unbelievably excited and so ridiculously pumped for the community I was finally joining and all the ideas for the posts that I was going to write about.

However, once I had to go back to University for Semester 2 in August, all of those plans basically fell through. I tried to write up posts, but I felt like I just didn't have the time. I was getting distracted and I just decided that I had to drop the idea of having a blog, it just wouldn't work.

But I kept following the bookish community! And then sometime around November I realised that I STILL desperately wanted to be a part of it. But I knew that a blog would be a difficult thing to keep up with as well as my course at University, so I had to make sure that this blog was something that I was really, ridiculously passionate above.

And so, That Geek in Wonderland was born.
 I had this really cool plan of putting THAT GEEK IN WODNERLAND across over Simba's eyes but than I got lazy so it didn't happen APOLOGIES.

I intend this blog to essentially be a FANDOM blog. By all means, I am going to rave about books. I have a lot of bookish feels guys. A CRAPLOAD. I am and forever will be a reader. But there are also heaps of other things I love! TV! Movies! I want to be able to use this blog to post my reaction to the latest Marvel movie trailers. I want to be able to use this blog to rant and review Teen Wolf episodes (Oh Stiles bb, let me hold you!). I want this blog to be a blog for me, as well as a blog for the readers who are interested. I want to discuss, rant, gush and just feel all the feels with you guys for ALL SORTS OF THINGS. Mainly books, but other things too.

SO. Basically. If you guys are ready to:
  1. Feel all the feels
  2. Read gif-heavy posts
  3. Gush and flail and rant about all things nerdy, geeky and just plain AWESOME
Then join me and let us embark on this journey into fandom together. Whilst sitting down at our desks of course. That's what blogs are for.


    Honestly? I think mine should be SHIRLEY STARTS A BOOK BLOG 103.0
    heheheh I see you have a discussions tab up the top! OMGGG I CAN'T WAIT TO DISCUSS STUFF WITH YOUUUUUUUU<3333 LOL AND DID SOMETHING HAPPEN TO STILES? I'm on a minor Teen Wolf vacation right now so I have no idea what's happening…I feel like I'm going to be so behind once i resume watching the series!

    1. 103.0?!?!?! WOMAN THAT'S CRAY.

      Yesssss I intend for discussions to happen! Just got to make sure I get my act together and post post pooooost. Can't afford to get lazy again. THERE WILL BE NO 3.0. OR 103.0 (seriously dude WHAT IS THAT NUMBER.)

      Dude get yourself organised and catch up on Teen Wolf! It's so freaking amazing this season. Stiles oh Stiles....he just really needs someone to hold him and look after him and oh it hurts IT HURTS.